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Love PolicyWonk!
-Mike Pratt in NC
Develop work and service related programs for young people similar to the CCC and Peace Corps, tie this to college eligibility.
-John F. Salter in CA
Strengthen High School curriculum and make college education focusing on job potential available free to all qualified High School graduates
-John F. Salter in CA
Strengthen the process of examination for who may purchase firearms excluding felons and the mentally ill from the right to purchase.
-John F. Salter in CA
Give Gays and Lesbians full rights traditionally associated with marriages between men and women, recognizing that this is a civil right.
-John F. Salter in CA
Is the use of drones to kill terrorists in other countries appropriate?
-Mike Pratt in NC
The Affordable Health Care Plan should include a comprehensive dental care provision.
-John F. Salter in CA
Make all healthcare plans available to all persons for the same premium rates. Do away with rates that are applicable to employers only.
-Anonymous in CA
Did the FBI miss an obvious opportunity to stop the Boston Marathon bombers by disregarding intelligence offered by Russia?
-Mike Pratt in NC
It's easy to vote on the suggestions! Try it and make your vote count.
-Charles Pratt in CA