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Don't find reasons to avoid driving Trump out of office. Audacity is necessary in times like this. There are always reasons not to do anything. Deal with Pence if that Joker comes
-Anonymous in CA
Upgrade the struggle against emerging civil rights issues which threaten environmental justice and environmental stability.
-John F. Salter in CA
Support the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
-Anonymous in CA
Reinstate the Securities Act of 1931 and the Glass-Steagall Act
-Anonymous in CA
Change legal marriage to a civil union to allow other types of couples to gain all the benefits of "marriage" without the cultural associations that have traditionally come with it.
-Anonymous in CA
The Citizens' United ruling should be overturned by the Court or by act of Congress, but elections should not be publicly funded.
-Anonymous in NC
Carolyn, welcome to thepolicywonk. We are delighted to have your participation and agree with your statement against Global Warming!
-Charles Pratt in CA
Did the republicans in the senate (and a few democrats) make a significant enough blunder by voting against weapons purchase background checks, that it will cost many of them to lose their next election?
-Anonymous in NC
If our congress is dysfunctional, should the filibuster rule be changed to require an old fashioned "standing and talking" filibuster?
-Mike Pratt in NC
Did our nation's founders deliberately create a congress which would seem dysfunctional in order to make changes to laws difficult?
-Mike Pratt in NC